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Lake Stonycreek is a beautiful private lake located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Welcome to our destination.

Clear Water Lake


SVDC  2024-25 Board of Directors Elections

Click here to review this year's SVDC Board candidate bios .


SVDC  Annual Lot Owners Meeting

Please plan to join us for the SVDC's Annual Lot Owners meeting this Friday, May 24th at 7:00 p.m. in St. Mark Lutheran Church, Shanksville. If you have not yet submitted your completed Board of Director ballot to the SVDC, you may bring your ballot to the meeting, in accordance with instructions included in the mailing sent to you earlier this month. We hope to see you there!


PA Basic Boating Class To Be Held  Saturday June 1st

The PA Fish and Boat Commission, in coordination with the Indian Lake Police Department, is hosting a PA Basic Boating Class on Saturday, June 1, at the Shanksville School cafetorium.  The class is open to the public.  It begins at 9 am and will end between 4-5 pm.  The class is free, but there is a $10/person charge to cover lunch (Snida's pizza, salad, and drinks).  Register through Indian Lake Borough's ePay system by Wednesday, May 29.

The course will be taught by local PA Fish and Boat Commission Waterways Conservation Officers (WCOs).

All attendees must be at least 12 years of age.  Any attendee under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.  Attendees who pass this class will receive a permanent Boating Safety Education Certificate. 

Click here for the full announcement. 


 2023 Fish Survey Recommendations

On September 29, 2023, a fish population survey was conducted on Lake Stonycreek by Aquatic Environment Consultants, Inc (AEC). In their final report AEC made the following fishing recommendations:

        1.    No harvesting of any largemouth bass (catch and release only)

       2.   Increase the harvesting of Northern Pike greater than 24 inches

       3. Aggressively target and harvest Yellow Perch under 8 inches.

 Go to Governance, SVDC Initiatives, Fish Survey to view the full 2023 Fish Survey Report.


Final Litigation Report and Settlement Agreement

As of March 14, 2024, the lawsuit against the SVDC and Dan Dively has been withdrawn, with all the required  filings, by plaintiffs Harry Neel, Mike Jenkins, and the late Lee Cavanaugh. Please use the following links to read these final documents:

Final Litigation Report

Settlement Agreement



SVDC Meeting Video

Go to Governance, SVDC Meeting Videos to view the SVDC Board Meeting held on April 19, 2024.  We are limited to 2 hours of video on the website. 


Clear Water Lake


Need Another Boat Permit Application Form? Go to Rules & Regulations, Watercraft Permits and click on the link.

Clear Water Lake



SVDC Annual Lot Owners Meeting: Friday, May 24th @ 7:00 p.m. | St. Mark Lutheran Church, Shanksville.  


Next SVDC Board Meeting: Friday June 21st @ 6:00 p.m. | St. Mark Lutheran Church, Shanksville.  

The meeting will be live-streamed via Zoom.

Go to Governance, SVDC Meetings For Agenda & Zoom Sign In Information

Lake Stonycreek Website Access

If you are a Lake Stonycreek lot owner, please create a member account by clicking on the Sign In button. Once confirmed by the website administrator, you can access additional pages on the site using your user name and password. 

Clear Water Lake

Lake Stonycreek Lot Owners Association

The Lake Stonycreek Lot Owners Association (LSLOA) is an independent social club, not operating under the auspices of the Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation (SVDC).  For clarification, the role of the Lake Stonycreek Lot Owners Association should not be confused with the governance role of a “homeowners association” (HOA) which lot owners may be familiar with in other communities. At Lake Stonycreek, the administrative governance role is held by the SVDC.

Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation (SVDC)
P.O. Box 237
Shanksville, PA 15560

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