Lake Stonycreek is a beautiful private lake located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Welcome to our destination.

Clear Water Lake


Please Remember, While On The Water

  • Don’t Drink & Drive

  • Travel In A Counter Clockwise Direction

  • Do Not Speed

  • Be Attentive To All Traffic On The Water

  • Practice Courteous Driving

  • Follow Your Boat’s Capacity/Weight Limits

  • Educate Your Guests On Lake Rules

  • Watch For Skiers In The Water

  • Skiers, Hold Up Ski So You’re Visible

  • Swimmers, Stay Within 20 ft Of The Shoreline

Weed Control  Update

A Weed Control Update is available for review by lot owners. Go to Governance, SVDC Initiatives , Weed Control   for the update. 

Lake Patrol Personnel Needed

The SVDC is looking to hire Lake Patrol personnel for the lake.  If you are interested in applying for this paid position or would like to donate your time to patrol, please contact Bill Blackburn at 814-483-0305 or Sean Daniels at 814-701-9005 for more information

Thank you, SVDC Board of Directors

Water Quality Report- Summer 2021

The latest Water Quality Report is available for review by lot owners. Go to Governance, SVDC Initiatives  and click on the Water Quality links for the reports. 

Clear Water Lake


Next SVDC Board Meeting: Thursday, August 19th @ 6:00 p.m. | St. Mark Lutheran Church, Shanksville. 

The meeting will also be live-streamed via Zoom.


Go to Governance, SVDC Meetings For Agenda & Zoom Sign In Information

Lake Stonycreek Website Access

If you are a Lake Stonycreek lot owner, please create a member account by clicking on the Sign In button. Once confirmed by the website administrator, you can access additional pages on the site using your user name and password. 

Need Another Boat Permit Application Form? Go to Rules & Regulations, Watercraft Permits and click on the link.

Clear Water Lake

Lake Stonycreek Lot Owners Association

The Lake Stonycreek Lot Owners Association (LSLOA) is an independent social club, not operating under the auspices of the Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation (SVDC).  For clarification, the role of the Lake Stonycreek Lot Owners Association should not be confused with the governance role of a “homeowners association” (HOA) which lot owners may be familiar with in other communities. At Lake Stonycreek, the administrative governance role is held by the SVDC.

Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation (SVDC)
P.O. Box 237
Shanksville, PA 15560