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Lake Stonycreek... For All Seasons

Lake Stonycreek is a hidden paradise nestled in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania’s Somerset County. The Lake spans 166 acres of clean, healthy waters providing unlimited recreational activities for residents of this private lake community.

Three years later, the Indian Lake dam was constructed to create the larger Indian Lake. Indian Lake dam connects the two lakes, and along with Boone Run, its waters feed Lake Stonycreek. Lake Stonycreek flows into Rhoads Creek, eventually joining the Stonycreek River.

In 1960, the Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation (SVDC), under the direction of Jim McIntyre, completed construction of Lake Stonycreek dam as part of SVDC’s vision to develop residential communities in the area.

Lake Stonycreek is a private lake community with access only to homeowners and their guests. It is still governed by the Stonycreek Valley Development Corporation (SVDC), now an 11-member volunteer Board of Directors who own property on Lake Stonycreek.

Lake Stonycreek is ringed with lakefront homes, serving as full time residences or summer retreats. It is here that we can enjoy boating, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, paddling, water skiing, tubing, swimming, fishing, entertaining

family or friends, or simply sitting to enjoy the scenery or a good book. Campfires abound every evening.

Closeby, we can enjoy hiking or biking in surrounding state parks or trailways. In winter, we can downhill or cross-country ski at the nearby Seven Springs, Hidden Valley or Laurel Mountain ski resorts.

We can shop in nearby towns or pick apples at local orchards. Lake Stonycreek freezes in the winter opening a world of winter activities including ice fishing or skating.

Lake Stonycreek is truly a place for all seasons. Its beauty envelopes the area as we witness the mountainous trees blooming in spring, shading in summer, colorizing fall, and sparkling in the winter. The lake can be as smooth as glass, rippling in a calm breeze, showing its strength against hard winds, or hardening to a frozen tundra. It provides a playground for fun and a place for solitude.

Lake Stonycreek is also a place for all seasons for its people. Families have been on the lake since the beginning and can count the generations that have found respite here.

We see parents with babies or toddlers. We see youngsters learning to fish, swim, ski, or tube. We see teenagers spending time with their parents or more favorably with new or old friends. We see young adults partying on a pirate ship while shooting hotdogs to the shores or sitting around a campfire enjoying a beer. We see empty nesters trying new things.

Finally, we see grandparents coming full circle and looking at Lake Stonycreek as the place where it all comes together for them. They provide the space for their kids and more importantly, their grandkids to visit, come together, have fun, and create memories. 

Lake Stonycreek is a place for all seasons, always providing a reflection of its beauty and time to reflect also on ourselves

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