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Background Documents (Click Date To Access) 

4.15.19: Neel, Jenkins, Cavanaugh Original Complaint 

5.5.19: Lot Owner Email From SVDC: Lawsuit Summary, Original Complaint & Attachments

5.6.19: Attorney Leake.Dan Dively. Preliminary Objection Filing

5.21.19: Neel, Jenkins, Cavanaugh Motion For Special and Preliminary Injunction

5.22.19: Attorney Leake. Dan Dively. Reply To Injunction

5.23.19: Injunction Hearing Transcript, Injunction Denied By Court

6.27.19: Neel,Jenkins,Cavanaugh Leave Motion & Amended Complaint

2.26.20: SVDC Preliminary Objections, Court Opinion

3.19.20: Dively Answer and Counterclaims

SVDC Answer & New Matter

4.1.22:   D. St Clair Request To Post: Plaintiffs Motion 

4.29.22: Court Hearing/Proceeding Summary by Joe Piccini, SVDC President

4.10.23: Motion For Summary Judgment (Dismissal of Lawsuit Against SVDC)

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